Corning Glass Secret Agency of International Super Spies


The most bizarre conspiracy theory I”ve ever heard, that seems to be nowhere on the internet, which is generally awash with every conspiracy imaginable.

Recently when I was chatting with someone, they were telling me about various conspiracy theories.

Among them were some wild and outlandish tales of intrigue and dastardly collusion. And then some were were simply seemingly exaggerated conclusions drawn about the connections & power shared by certain prominent people in the world, and what they might be up to.

I”ll say that I do believe that money can buy power, and I”m certain a great many wealthy families and prominent people have always had a lot more influence than they probably should have in an ideal democracy, and I know goverments get up to some pretty naughty stuff and are definitely not always forthcoming about providing information to the people they”re supposed to be representing…

However, I really have to say that a lot of the conspiracy theories this old guy was telling me about what”s going on in the world, were, quite frankly, a hodge podge of illogical allegations, bizarrely contradictory political gripes, with extreme & judgemental attitudes about human social culture.

But one of these conspiracy theories that he related to me, struck me as being rather… interesting and amusing.

This particular conspiracy theory is that the Corning company has an undercover corporate division — it”s very own secret agency of international super spies.

The old guy was very specific about this being not simply about industrial espionage counterintelligence. But that Corning”s secret agents are linked to global world governments, and specific conspiracy theories involving U.S. politicians being in cahoots with the British Monarchy.

Now of course the first thought that generally comes to mind is… Corning Glassware? The dishware people?

But it is true that the Corning company has had a major role in a wide variety of glass related technological development. So I can see how, maybe, since it”s a rich company, with important advanced technology, some conspiracy theory could be woven around it.

But I didn”t think this old man could”ve come up with this wild theory on his own. So I searched the web… because I always figured the internet for being awash in conspiracy theories, from probable to possible to unlikely to downright ridiculous. However, all I could find, in regards to Corning+spies, were some allegations that foreign spies of some type had been after Corning”s trade secrets, or the like. But no actual conspiracy theories involving Corning Glass as a major player in world domination.

Now I”m wondering where this guy got this idea. I think it”s unlikely he came up with it himself.

I suppose it could be that Corning has it”s secret powerful ways to stomp out the publication of this conspiracy theory on the web. Maybe Google”s in cahoots with them. And sometime after posting this, and it gets indexed by Google, Powweb and epix will abruptly be cancelling my accounts. And heed! Then you who had read this will know the horrible truth! And I will wind up like ”Max Fenig”. Although I hope my trailer is more like that of ”Jaye Tyler”, frankly. I”d rather a camper full of plush animals & figurines talking, than one full of videos of myself talking fast & crazy.

But seriously…or not… I now have a hankering to go tour the Corning Museum of Glass again. I”ve been on the tour a few times in my life, but it”s been many years since I last visited. I believe the last time I was there was when I was a student at Mansfield University, just an hour south of Corning, New York. When I was a student there, I made many trips to the Corning, Elmira, Horseheads area. Apparently right now the Corning Museum of Glass has a Glass Workshop for Tourists where you can make your own glass pumpkin! Sounds like fun to me! Perhaps I might go on a little field trip soon, since the road trip is less than 3 hours from Scranton.

(Of course this could be part of their plot to disperse microchips with dossiers & homing beacons amongst the masses, for tracking by their super spies!)


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