A Christmastime Shopping Story

I say a Christmastime shopping story, because I was not actually Christmas shopping. I was simply shopping at Christmastime.

I was at the CVS pharmacy store in Scranton Pennsylvania this week shopping in the cosmetics aisle and a man, a stranger to me as far as I know, stopped on his way from the back of the store while passing me, to speak directly to me, as I was stooped down perusing hand held cosmetic mirrors.

Without preamble, he said that he would be glad “when all this is over” and after I looked at him blankly unsure about what he meant, he specified that he was referring to the Christmas shopping season. It didn’t actually seem like a Christmas shopping crowd in the CVS, and I haven’t really been out shopping anywhere else, so it wasn’t something that jumped immediately to mind. In fact, the CVS was rather light traffic for that time of day, somewhere around 4:30pm.

But apparently he was still reeling from some other location, because he said, something like, “You should’ve seen it up at Macy’s. It was a madhouse, I’m not going back there until after the holidays. The women…” and he paused, seemingly realizing my gender for the first time, “No offense. But the women were piled up like they were giving stuff away for free. But I looked, and they were selling perfume for $45 dollars a bottle. That’s not cheap, but they were all flocking to it like they were giving away something for free!”.

I started laughing, because, why wouldn’t I, and added that I have no idea what a good price for perfume might be because I don’t buy it. He went on a little more about how crazy it looked to him. And then he went on his way.

I didn’t find a hand held mirror to my liking at the CVS. And I don’t plan on going to Macy’s any time soon to look for one there.


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